Water Loss Management

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540 Technologies brings you industry-leading water-loss management solutions.

We also bring you the expertise you need to diagnose your system’s water loss and implement a comprehensive, effective program to manage it. 

Our experts and solutions will help you:

  • Operate more efficiently
  • Dramatically save money and water
  • Prevent future infrastructure failures
  • Keep up with increasing regulations

Leak Detection

Discover the hidden leaks in your underground network. Our non-disruptive, leak detection loggers offer magnetic installation, continuous monitoring, notification alarms, and flexible deployment options.

All loggers feature rugged construction and are powered by low-cost, replaceable batteries, some with up to a 10-year battery life.

We’ll work with you to recommend a scalable plan so you can quickly and easily monitor 100 percent of your distribution system.

Learn more about Leak Detection.

Leak-Detection Data Logger Installation

Can’t allocate staff time to install the data loggers? Don’t worry. 540 Technologies will help make arrangements that suit your needs! Our team will work closely with key staff from your organization to implement the custom deployment plan we’ve collaborated with you to develop.

Whether your deployment involves permanent placement or a “lift-and-shift” operation, we have the resources you need for your logger installation from start to finish, with no disruption of service to your customers.

Leak Pinpointing

Once data loggers have confirmed what you already knew – that you have leaks in your underground network, how do you find those leaks without doing a lot of extra digging?

Using sophisticated ground microphones and leading-edge data correlators, our water loss experts will show you how to pinpoint leaks within 12 inches of the source and avoid unnecessary digging and service disruptions.

Water Pressure Control and Modulation

Better manage your system’s water pressure using intelligent pressure control. This highly versatile pressure-control system lets you modulate pressure according to demand and is proven to minimize leaks and reduce the frequency of pipe bursts, allowing you to avoid unnecessary water loss and maintain service to customers.

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