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About 540

Cities, counties, municipalities, public and private water authorities, colleges and universities, amusement parks, resorts and retail property management companies all have something in common.

They all need better, smarter, more efficient, more cost-effective and more environmentally responsible ways of monitoring and managing systems, processes and infrastructure that most people take for granted every day.

Things like water distribution networks, wastewater and storm water systems, streetlights, electricity, and more.

Who We Are

540 Technologies is a comprehensive environmental and data solutions provider. We have deep industry roots and powerful partnerships that allow us to deliver the best in smart city solutions for water, wastewater, smart streetlighting and smart metering. 

We bring together leading-edge technology solutions and the knowledge and expertise to help our customers identify and implement the solutions they need, for water, wastewater, and smart grid applications.

We also offer the smart data acquisition and management tools they need to build, monitor and control smart networks.

How We Started

540 Technologies is an affiliated company of LB Water Service, Inc., which for nearly half a century has provided value-added waterworks-infrastructure products to customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. 

First as a division of LB Water, and now as a separate company, our experienced leak team has helped hundreds of public and private water authorities find and pinpoint the leaks in their distribution systems, saving them thousands of dollars and millions of gallons of water.  

And, as an affiliate of a company that has helped thousands of customers implement smart water-metering technology, 540 Technologies is now bringing smart streetlighting, smart electric metering and other smart grid solutions to our customers. 

Our Partners

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Fluid Conservation Systems (FSC)

We’ve teamed with Fluid Conservation Systems, the North American industry leader in water-leak detection technology, whose products are installed with over 1,000 utilities throughout the U.S.



We also have a partnership with Hydreka to bring you industry-revolutionizing technology to measure waterflow in district metered areas.

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Partnering with Sensus for smart lighting and smart electric meters allows 540 Technologies to offer a breath of solutions to our clients. Sensus offers product innovation and thought leadership in Smart City technologies.

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