Public and Private Utilities

Whether you’re a private or public utility, you’re facing pressure to operate more efficiently, be more environmentally responsible, and improve your bottom line.

We’ll show you how intelligent technologies and the Internet of Things can help you achieve those goals.

540 Technologies Powers Smart Solutions for Public and Private Utilities

540 Technologies has the expert team, leading-edge technology partners and innovative products to bring you complete solutions as well as a big return on your investment. 

And we’ll be there to provide the insight, training and support you need every step along the way.

  • Detect hidden leaks in your network that each year could be costing big bucks – and wasting millions of gallons of treated water
  • Manage flows in your network
  • Effectively monitor and manage your system’s water pressure
  • Assess aging infrastructure
  • Monitor inflow and infiltration
  • Stop unnecessary treatment of rainwater and stormwater
  • Continually monitor your system to prevent overflows
Data Acquisition and Management
  • Collect and transmit data for anything you need to monitor and measure
  • Save up to 90 percent over conventional data logging systems
  • Monitor levees, rivers, and streams for first stage early warning flooding