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District Metered Areas

Save Water & Money With Flow Measuring

A District Metering Area (DMA) is a smaller sub-region of a water supply system that works in conjunction with your Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system.
540 Technologies helps you improve operational efficiency and cut down on lost revenue with DMA products that let you easily track and target water leakage and monitor water pressure. 
Consistently monitor water flow for potential leaks and compare input versus consumption.

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Discover Innovative DMA Technology


Minimize Disruptions

DMAs do not require massive excavation, so customers maintain service throughout installation and beyond.

Increase Accuracy

DMA setup is easy in both rural and urban locations. They are highly accurate and provide bi-directional flow measuring.

Save Money

Deployment of DMA technology is simple and costs less than many other water flow measuring solutions currently on the market.

Water Flow Measuring Products For DMA

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Water Production Loss Calculator

Share a few key details about your water system and we'll crunch the numbers to reveal your daily, monthly, and yearly loss.


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Water Leak Calculator

Enter information about your pipe break. We'll calculate and quantify showing lost water and what this is really costing you.


Water Leak Calculator
Achieve a more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible water system.