Smart Solutions

For Water, Wastewater, Streetlighting and Electric Metering

540 Technologies partners with leading-edge technology manufacturers to bring you the best smart-city solutions for your application.

And, our experienced team works with you to provide the knowledge, expertise and hands-on training that will help you identify and implement the solutions you need.

Our partners include:

  • Fluid Conservation Systems (water distribution management, wastewater metering and monitoring, and water pressure control)
  • Sensus (smart grid solutions, including smart streetlighting and smart electric metering)
  • Hydreka (waterflow measuring for district-metered areas)
  • Flow-Tronic (waterflow measuring for treatment plants, pump stations and DMA’s; wastewater metering and monitoring)



Water Loss Management

Water Loss Management

Let 540 Technologies help you discover and pinpoint the hidden leaks in your underground network to minimize non-revenue water. And better control your system’s water pressure to accurately assess the condition and lifespan of your system’s pipes.

Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition & Management

Need to gather, monitor and manage dozens, hundreds – even thousands – of data points associated with your water or Smart Grid system? 540 Technologies offers smart-city solutions and networks to help you collect, manage and analyze data.


Water Metering

Wastewater Metering & Monitoring

Concerned about your system’s ability to handle high levels of rainfall, snowmelt and other potential flood events? 540 Technologies offers remote, real-time monitoring of sanitary, combined and storm sewer systems.

Water Flow

Waterflow Measuring for District Metered Areas

Wish there were an easier way to measure waterflow in your DMAs? There is! Now, you can avoid a big dig and maintain service to customers while measuring waterflow in your DMAs. 

Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

Up to 40 percent of a city’s energy load is consumed by streetlights. 540 Technologies offers energy-efficient smart lighting solutions that work with legacy and LED systems to give you control over your streetlights and other outdoor lighting.

Electric Metering

Smart Electric Metering

With cities and rural areas each facing challenges associated with aging, inefficient, and unreliable energy infrastructure, 540 Technologies brings you smart metering and other smart grid solutions to help you operate more efficiently, increase accuracy, reduce outage times and improve customer service.

Smart Parking

Smart Parking Solutions

Put the Internet of Things to work for you. Update your legacy street, surface lot, and garage parking systems with smart technology. Cloud-based video technology will make parking easier for customers and more profitable for you.


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