Leak Detection Management

Proactive Water Loss Prevention

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Don’t Let Leaks Drain Your Resources

Leak prevention is a significant challenge for water infrastructures, both in urban and rural areas. Leaks lead to significant water losses, increased expenses, and potential damage to the surrounding environment. 540 Technologies helps you:

  • Maximize operational efficiency
  • Reduce water consumption and expenses
  • Prevent potential infrastructure failures
  • Keep up with increasing regulations

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Discover Leak Detection Technology


Ensure Compliance

Avoid regulatory fines by following state and federal laws.

Manage Resources

Save water, protect customers, and preserve the environment.

Save money

Prevent costly leaks and repairs with the right leak detection tools.

Leak Detection Products

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Awareness. Location. Repair.

Shortening leak duration is the most important and most overlooked component of minimizing Non-Revenue Water (NRW). A well-designed leak management strategy should be based on the concept of Awareness, Location, and Repair (ALR):

  • Awareness - the time it takes to become aware of a leak.
  • Location - the time it takes to locate a leak.
  • Repair - the time it takes to repair a leak.
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    The Importance Of Leak Pinpointing

    Discover the hidden leaks in your underground network with real-time, continuous monitoring. Our non-disruptive, leak detection loggers offer magnetic installation, notification alarms, and flexible deployment options. Avoid unnecessary digging and service disruptions. Sophisticated ground microphones and leading-edge data correlators show you how to pinpoint leaks within 12 inches of the source, even when working with large transmission main monitoring.

    Locate Your Leaks
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    Leak Detection Loggers

    Leak detection loggers use advanced technology to detect leaks by recording changes in water pressure and flow rates, making it easier to pinpoint the source of the problem. We offer a full line of leading leak-detecting data loggers from FCS to help you locate the leaks in your underground network. Using acoustical noise sensors, loggers can operate independently or be integrated into a monitoring network using the Omnicoll system.

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    Water Production Loss Calculator

    Share a few key details about your water system and we'll crunch the numbers to reveal your daily, monthly, and yearly loss.


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    Achieve a more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible water system.