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Potable Water Management

Stop Feeding the Leaks

Your community's health and well-being depends on continuous access to clean water. Federal and state regulations are more stringent than ever when it comes to potable water management. Of course, maintaining water pressure, flow, and system compliance is no easy task and lack of compliance negatively impacts your revenue. 540 Technologies helps you continuously meet regulations, implement proactive solutions, mitigate water leaks, reduce property damage, and save money for you and your customers.

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Potable Water Management Products

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Leak Detection & Mitigation

Discover and pinpoint hidden leaks in your underground network to improve system efficiency and minimize revenue loss.

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District Metered Areas

Consistently monitor water flow and pressure for potential leaks and track water consumption to optimize system performance.

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Water Pressure Management

Monitor and manage your system’s water pressure to minimize leaks and reduce the frequency of pipe bursts.

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Data & Analytics

Collect, manage, and analyze dozens, hundreds – even thousands – of data points associated with your water system.

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Knowledge Base

Visit our comprehensive resource center for valuable information on water loss management and more. Whether you’re a water management professional or a policy maker, our knowledge base has something for everyone.