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540 in the Ditch
We Have the Knowledge & Experience You Need

On the waterworks side of our business, our roots go back more than 50 years in the industry. And those of one of our technology partners, Fluid Conservation Systems (HWM/FCS), extend almost as far. Using HWM/FCS’s globally proven water-distribution management tools, our water management team has already helped hundreds of customers collectively save millions of dollars in operating costs – and millions of gallons of water.



We Offer Globally Tested, Proven Solutions

Our intelligent “eye-in-the-sky, ear-to-the-ground” data acquisition, hosting, and management technologies remotely monitor and report what you need to know, when you need to know it. You will benefit from robust actionable data and new levels of control for your operations. 

Along with our best-in-class technology partners, we’ll help you select and deploy Smart Water solutions for managing water distribution and metering and monitoring wastewater – employing the Internet of Things (IoT) to transform business as usual for you and those you serve.


A Strong Return on Your Investment

What You Don’t Know is Costing You More Than You Can Imagine.

You run your operations well based upon everything you know. But what about what you don’t know?

Our water clients are stunned when they discover the percentage of clean, treated water they’re losing every day that never reaches an end user. When they calculate the value of that lost water over a year’s time, they’re shocked at the number. One municipality was losing 82 percent of its water!

Whether your system’s water loss falls within the “acceptable” industry standard of 20 percent or it’s much higher, we can help you find the hidden leaks in your system with pinpoint accuracy, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in wasted operating costs and lost revenues every year.


Environmental Leadership

We’ll Help You Do Your Part to Help Preserve the Planet

With less than 3% of the earth’s water being fresh water – and the majority of that being ice, we all need to do our share to help protect this vital natural resource. Our water management solutions will help you stop over-pumping and over-treating water that never reaches your customers, helping to preserve rivers, streams and aquifers. 


Customer-Focused, Consultative Support

We’re There for You Every Step of the Way

When you work with 540 Technologies, you gain access to a team of experts who are dedicated to helping you succeed. 

From our initial site visit, through your successful implementation of the technology solutions your system needs, we’ll be there to:

  • Listen
  • Analyze
  • Guide
  • Demonstrate
  • Teach
  • Answer questions
  • Troubleshoot