Leak Detection

Detect Leaks Before They Turn into Disasters

There are more than 650 water main breaks per day in the U.S. — totaling more than 240,000 per year. Over $2.6 billion is lost to non-revenue water every year in the U.S., representing 20% of treated water.

Discover the hidden leaks in your underground network. Our non-disruptive, leak detection loggers from HWM/FCS offer magnetic installation, continuous monitoring, notification alarms, and flexible deployment options.

Why 540 Technologies

Our team has the knowledge and experience you needed to recommend a scalable leak detection plan and Smart Water solutions so you can quickly and easily monitor 100% of your distribution system. 

As a Homel Water Management/Fluid Conservation Systems partner, our leak team has used proven water-distribution management tools to help hundreds of customers collectively save millions of dollars in operating costs – and millions of gallons of water.

“The leak survey training and the leak logger products have exceeded our expectations for locating leaks and providing us with the information needed to reduce our non-revenue water…Your company delivers!”

Art Bradshaw, Director of Utility Operations, Aquarion Water Company Bridgeport, CT

Unmatched Expertise

At 540 Technologies, our expertise in waterworks dates back over 50 years. Together with our partner HWM/FCS, we’ve become an industry leader in smart water technologies. Combined with our expert instructors, advocates, and consultants in water leak detection, this technology is revolutionizing the way you do business. 

Programs That Pay for Themselves

Capital Region Water in Harrisburg, Pa., reached out to 540 Technologies for our water management expertise when they realized the city was losing 3.6 million gallons of treated water daily due to leaks. With our assessment, recommendation, products, and training, the city is now saving 2.6 million gallons of treated water every day. That accumulates to $429,000 saved per year. 

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