Waterflow Measuring for DMAs

DMA Water Explained

A District Metering Area (DMA) is a smaller sub-region of a water supply system. By individually monitoring the supplied and consumed water in these smaller areas with isolation valves, or by cutting off the pipes connecting one DMA to the other, suppliers can easily track and target water leakage.


Waterflow Measuring Solutions

District Metering Area Waterflow Measurement Without Disrupting Service

The water industry has been revolutionized by insertion electromagnetic metering technology to measure waterflow for DMA water. With DMA water technology and 540 Technologies' expertise, you’ll consistently monitor waterflow for potential leakages and track unaccounted for water. 

District Metering Areas are now installed with a small hole rather than large, disruptive digs. This keeps water flowing to customers without disruptions. 


• No required large digs
• No disruption of service to customers
• Easy set-up for densely located urban locations and spread-out rural areas
• Highly accurate, bi-directional flow measuring
• Easy deployment
• Cost effective


• Remote telemetry
• Real-time display
• Works with a large range of pipe diameters

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