Data Acquisition & Management

Smart Water Solutions for Potable Water and Wastewater


The FCS OmniColl System

With HWM/FCS’s cloud-based hosting server, DataGate, cities, counties, municipalities, public, and private water authorities, and other entities can remotely monitor, record, and manage thousands of data points anywhere around the world as often as every 15 minutes.


Data Acquisition

540 Technologies has the data-gathering solutions you need for every point in your water distribution network, including:


DataGate Remote Data Hosting

With HWM/FCS’s cloud-based data-hosting platform, DataGate, and GPRS data concentrators and SMS/GPRS data loggers, you can integrate data from all of your sites – whether they’re across town or around the world.

DataGate lets you access your data from any internet-enabled device. And, through DataGate’s secure web portal, you can seamlessly integrate your data management devices.