The City of Lakeland Calls on Experts for Advanced Metering Infrastructure

March 17, 2021

The City of Lakeland, Florida knew their wastewater management system wasn’t providing the most detailed, accurate information. The hourly and monthly AMI water cycle readings were being entered into separate systems, making communication from one system to another virtually impossible. 

Without an immediate solution, the city didn’t have the information needed to obtain a more accurate and detailed picture of their wastewater. Lakeland officials had been searching for the right product since 2011 when they discovered the Smart Meter-Master – Non-Encoder to Encoder Signal Converter (SMM). The city partnered with 540 Technologies and F.S. Brainard & Co. to pilot test the product. 

“The product was brand new for us,” said Jesse Morris, a technical sales consultant with 540 Technologies. “Traditionally, we thoroughly test new products before implementing them with customers. This time, however, the customer was eager to find an immediate solution and we tested it with them.” 

Ultimately, the Smart Meter-Master successfully delivered data remotely from a mobile home park to Lakeland’s AMI/AMR, including meter, flow, and pressure data. The detailed information allowed them to know there was a broken meter that needed repaired and which wastewater collection lines needed replaced. 

The great success of the project led to Lakeland purchasing another Smart Meter-Master unit with plans to expand to even more sensors. 

“We’re committed to providing our customers with the expert knowledge and guidance they need to accomplish their goals,” said Morris. “Lakeland was depending on us to implement a new system that would offer the best insight into their wastewater system. After learning everything we needed to about their concerns, we provided the best possible solution.”


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