The Sensus FlexNet® Communications Network

Smart-City Solutions for Water, Wastewater, Smart Lighting and Smart Electric Metering

The Sensus FlexNet® Communications Network

The Sensus FlexNet® communications network is a long-range radio network that provides scalable, reliable two-way communications infrastructure using private, licensed spectrum. That means your communications always receive priority and never have to compete with other communications traffic or interference.

Working with smart meters and sensors, FlexNet® securely transmits and receives data at over two times the power of other networks, letting you collect, deliver, manage and analyze data more quickly and more reliably.

With FlexNet®, you can:

  • Collect real-time updates on the health of your distribution system
  • Remotely manage your automatic metering infrastructure (AMI)
  • Quickly identify where and why outages have occurred and restore power more quickly
  • Remotely update/upgrade services, conduct on-demand readings, restore power and more
  • Ensure accurate billing and help customers better understand usage behavior


  • Offers better network performance for you and your customers
  • Provides the visibility and control you need to proactively manage your network
  • Lets you improve operational efficiencies and quickly identify outages, equipment issues or other abnormalities
  • Delivers more accurate information more quickly so you can respond faster, reduce system demand and control your grid
  • Lets you update/upgrade modules remotely, conduct on-demand readings, and disconnect or connect devices
  • Reduces infrastructure costs and strengthens network performance with a point-to-multipoint design and tower-based architecture for redundancy
  • Leverages open standards and application program interfaces (APIs) to easily interface with third-party applications and platforms
  • Integrates current systems and allows you to add new services and solutions easily to create a multi-application network


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