Smart Grid

Put the Power in Your Hands

540 Technologies offers Smart Grid solutions, such as smart electric metering from Sensus, that expand your power to measure and monitor, balance supply and demand, improve customer service, and restore service more quickly following outages. Residential and industrial meters integrate with the Sensus FlexNet® communications network to give you greater control and automation of your distribution system.  

Smart Electric Metering Solutions from Sensus 


  • Communicate reliably with your entire territory, from the densest population centers to the most remote customers
  • Access to more data to make informed decisions
  • Reduces the need for manual meter reads and eliminates associated costs
  • Balances supply and demand
  • Operational efficiency through advanced analytics
  • Prioritizes time-sensitive applications such as distribution automation (DA), remote shut-off and demand response (DR)
  • Improves customer service with early detection of meter failures, faster restoration of outages and more accurate billing
  • Provides increased flexibility in rate structures and allows customers to track usage and save money by shifting high-energy activities to off-peak periods
  • Reduces latency by dedicating distinct channels to specific applications
  • Offers improved asset management and easier detection of energy theft


  • Supports smart grid applications:
    • automatic metering infrastructure (AMI)
    • automatic meter reading (AMR)
    • distribution automation (DA)
    • demand response (DR)
    • and conservation voltage reduction (CVR)
  • IPv6 compatible

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